Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rylee's Garden

For maybe a year or more we have had this empty baker's rack on our porch. It was my grandfather's. It was put here because it really had no where else to go. So, in my eagerness to pretty up the house I decided to give Rylee a flower garden. We packed up and went to Walmart last night to buy flowers and pots. This morning when we woke up we began planting our flowers.

Rylee is a good helper, though she just wanted to move the dirt back and forth between the pots....

After all the plants were potted, the rack still didn't feel right. So, we looked around the house and the attic to find different additions to the pots.

Here is the final product.

On a side, I hope we're able to get out and about this weekend, though I don't think the weather will hold out for us. Our hope was to head out to Ray's work to visit the sheep that eat the grass at the SAS Solar field, but it may be another weekend trip.

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