Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bubbles Everywhere

Today Rylee's bubble machine arrived in the mail. It boasts that it can produce 5,000 bubbles per minute. Not sure if that's accurate, but it sure does make a lot of bubbles.

I found that bubbles are a very hard thing to photograph, not that it was my soul purpose.

I caught this really neat photo of a single bubble as it floated to the ground. You can actually see my reflection.

Here are two of Rylee amazed by the bubbles.

And our neighbor's dog Roscoe and Rylee. She LOVES this dog.

Rylee took off to follow Daddy and left Roscoe all by himself.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rylee's Garden

For maybe a year or more we have had this empty baker's rack on our porch. It was my grandfather's. It was put here because it really had no where else to go. So, in my eagerness to pretty up the house I decided to give Rylee a flower garden. We packed up and went to Walmart last night to buy flowers and pots. This morning when we woke up we began planting our flowers.

Rylee is a good helper, though she just wanted to move the dirt back and forth between the pots....

After all the plants were potted, the rack still didn't feel right. So, we looked around the house and the attic to find different additions to the pots.

Here is the final product.

On a side, I hope we're able to get out and about this weekend, though I don't think the weather will hold out for us. Our hope was to head out to Ray's work to visit the sheep that eat the grass at the SAS Solar field, but it may be another weekend trip.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Raleigh Rose Garden

With an amazing job comes amazing benefits....half day Fridays!! I have now turned my normal "Mommy's Time" into a mini field trip for myself. I am finding different places around Raleigh to take photos. I have been to a family farm, the Arboritum, and local parks.

Today when trying to decide where to head after work I decided to try the Raleigh Rose Gardens. I did not know if there would be any blooms yet, but I did know that it is a very pretty place to be. Thankfully when I drove down the road, there was plenty of parking! I made my way down the old stairs and down to the gardens.

I saw that a wedding was being set up down the main isle way and around the foutain. I would have LOVED to take some pictures there, but I didn't want to get in their way.

There are rows and rows of rose bushes. Not all were in bloom, but I did find some very pretty ones budding and beginning to bloom.

After finding so many pretty flowers, I made my way to the stone archway around the back of the garden.

At the back of the garden I found another neat staircase. This one is actually my first go at cloning out 'stuff' in a photo. I took out a lamp post and a phone pole. Not a great job, but I think it turned out OK.

After taking enough pictures to fill up my SD card, I made my way back to the car. At the top of the stairs, across the street I saw this amaizing tree. It has seen many years.

I can't wait to make it back there again, maybe it will be my next week's field trip as well! I didn't get to see everything I wanted.

Until next time.

First Post!

As my interest in photography has grown in to a full fledged hobby, I thought I would find another outlet to share my photograhs.

I have always been interested in photos. My house is full of other people's pictures. I have always enjoyed seeing different things and places I had never seen before. But, my daughter is the reason I stepped from in front of the pictures to behind the camera. Seeing her grow so quickly, I wanted to capture as much as possible. My interestests have now grown into nature and landscape photography.

It has now been 6 months since I first picked up a Digital SLR camera. I now take it with me whenever I leave the house. I am getting to see my city and community more because I make special trips to places I would have never gone by myself. It has opened my eyes to a different way of viewing the world.

I look forward to sharing what I see with those interested.