Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Favorites

August was filled with the NC Zoo, Duke Gardens, and new product!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laurie, Chad, Maggie, and Laci

I am still VERY new to the art of photography. I have only owned a dSLR camera for 10 months and have been shooting in complete manual mode for about that amount of time. I am learning to set the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering, and other settings for each photo. Most people let the camera make these decisions for them, but being able to change these settings gives the photographer more creative control. It is a long process and lots of trial and error. On top of that I am learning to edit my pictures in photoshop so that I end up with a clean and appealing photo.

Because of my newness, I am willing to take on anything a friend or family member throws at me. This week it is a good friend of my sister. I was asked to take pictures of this lovely couple and their two dogs. I was lucky to have very nice and laid back people to work with for my first 'stranger' shoot. It was quite hot, but I believe despite the heat, we were able to capture the happiness of this family.

Friday Afternoon

My Friday afternoons are my 'Me' time. I get to do what ever I want, Husband and Daughter free. It's usually a time I will play around with my camera and take field trips to different places. This past Friday I visted Anderson Point Park again with my Brother. I was able to find a few butterflies that would pose for the camera. These turned out nicely.

And a self-portrait. I never have pictures taken of myself, so I tried one on my own. This is the camera set up on the tripod with a remote shutter release. I edited with a light pastel overlay and think it adds a nice dreamy feel.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bethany's 5 Product Shoot

I was asked by Bethany's 5 (Bethany's 5) to take some photos for her Facebook Fan page and store. She corchets amazing hats. This round is for her Halloween line and are adorable animals. When looking for models, I was able to connect with a very old friend and have her beautiful 6 month old daughter model for us. We also used a few of Bethany's children as models. I had such a fun time and am so thankful for the experiance and challenge!

Adult Hat



Fuzzy Hat and Basket Fringe




Pear and Basket Fringe


Pumpkin and Basket Fringe

Unicorn and Rainbow Basket Fringe

Individual Hats